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CMS Heidelberg webpage (in German, English, Greek)

CMS Marburg webpage (in German)

SARPEDON - Seals and Sealings

Iconaegean - Exploring Aegean Iconography

CMS Databases in Arachne (databases that record more than 9000 seals and seal impressions from the Aegean Bronze Age)

IconADatabases (databases that record the seals published at the CMS Databases but with emphasis on iconographic criteria)

DBAS - CHS Cretan Hieroglyphic Seals (database about seals with Cretan Hieroglyphic inscriptions)

Textiles and Seals Project and Database of the University of Warsow

The Aegean seals and the impressed nodules from Agia Triada (most also with 3D images) kept at the Museo Archeologico Firenze and Museo Pigorini Roma

MUSINT II Project notes on the administrative documents from Agia Triada and DBAS-HTC Database of the impressed nodules from Agia Triada and the script signs on them

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