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This webpage aims to offer insights into Aegean glyptic in an uncomplicated educational manner. It is addressed to the starter, high school or university student, and also the layperson interested in learning about the human past without having to first get familiar with archaeology jargon via the vast available literature.

Here you will regularly find short pieces of information regarding Aegean glyptic in the form of 'Lessons'. We will start with basic introductory information, such as issues of terminology, and will later move onto questions of how this material can be used in order to get insights into Aegean Bronze Age life. Our language and manner of explanation will be uncomplicated, yet the data provided will be based on the most recent state of the art concerning the study of Aegean glyptic (for the creator of this website, see here). A news column will accompany our seal journey and will notify us of anything new related to this material.


So, do make sure to check on us regularly and learn Aegean Seals with us! You will be notified about upcoming lessons and anything new by buttons on our homepage and notifications on social media!



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