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If you like books and you want to learn more about Aegean seals, you will find the most current and detailed introduction in a whole book devoted to Aegean glyptic: O. Krzyszkowska. 2005. Aegean Seals. An Introduction. BICS Supplement 85. London (Institute of Classical Studies).







But hmm.... Ok, if this is too much, then take a look at the older but shorter overview of the material in the chapter 'Minoans and Mycenaeans' here: J. Boardman. 1970. Greek Gems and Finger Rings. Early Bronze Age to Late Classical. London (Thames & Hudson).

Or, are you mainly interested in images? Then better take a look here: J. L. Crowley. 2013. The Iconography of Aegean Seals. Aegaeum 34. Leuven – Liege (Peeters).

If you need more extended bibliography on a subject, we are glad to help you, simply contact us!

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